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Guests are primarily concerned about two things when looking for a listing on Airbnb, VRBO, or elsewhere; PRICE and APPEAL. While we can't help you determine what you should charge, we can help you appeal to a wider audience with amazing photography that stands out from the rest of your competition.

By providing a visual narrative that highlights the unique aspects of your vacation rental, we help you attract more clicks and ultimately get more bookings. Many of our clients have expressed that after they uploaded their new photos they got more inquiries, more clicks, and more bookings.

With beautiful photography, you can differentiate your vacation rental property from your competitors, build trust with potential guests, and increase the chances of maximizing your rental's occupancy rates. Let us help you take your vacation rental business to new heights with the power of amazing imagery.

Our services are primarily based in Fresno & San Luis Obispo, but we service San Diego, Palm Springs, Lake Tahoe, and beyond.

Captivating Exteriors

Every home, its features, and location are different, so we consider the time of day, angle of light, composition, and what makes your home unique to produce stunning images that highlight the beauty and features of your property and the landscape.

Luxurious Interiors

We shoot with an elevated editorial aesthetic using natural light and strobes. We do this to highlight the elegant design elements, and inviting ambiance that set your property apart, ensuring that every image showcases the true essence of luxury.

Delicious Details

We appreciate the little things that make a stay exceptional. We capture the intricate details, features, and amenities that bring uniqueness to your home. From artfully arranged charcuterie boards to inviting wine setups or refreshing poolside drinks, we highlight the touches that enhance the guest experience.

Our pricing

Airbnb photography costs can vary greatly, but we simplify the process with transparent pricing. We price our photography based on the amount of bedroom on the property. This approach ensures clarity and makes it easier for you to plan and budget for professional photography that enhances your vacation rental. All bookings include an online gallery, high-resolution imagery, post-production and a free consultation.

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Budget-friendly capture of your core living spaces with beautiful, professional photos. Ideal for new listings or basic marketing needs.

  • 2-4 hours depending on size
  • Coverage: Includes photos of the main living areas, kitchen, and all booked bedrooms as well as exteriors.
  • Deliverables: 25-45 images depending on size
  • Post Production: Basic edits for a polished look.

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Stand out online with captivating visuals and lifestyle settings. Maximize bookings with social media promotion and a dedicated video. Perfect for established listings seeking a boost.

  • Everything in Puro & no travel fee
  • Extended Shoot (4-6 hours): We'll dedicate more time to capturing a variety of captivating shots.
  • Drone & Twilight Photography: Showcase your property's stunning aerial views and its inviting atmosphere at dusk.
  • 35-60 High-Resolution Images: Get a wider range of captivating images to use across all your marketing channels.
  • Social Media Boost: Create a captivating Reel/TikTok video to showcase your property's highlights in an engaging format perfect for social media.

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Custom Pricing

Elevate your luxury listing with a complete visual experience. Attract discerning guests with stunning visuals and stress-free service. Ideal for maximizing bookings at high-end properties

  • Everything in Luccicante
  • Comprehensive Shoot (8-12 hours): We dedicate a full day to capturing every detail and capturing the essence of your luxurious property.
  • Lifestyle Staging: A professional stylist will curate inviting scenes throughout your property using food, props, and decorative elements to create a truly captivating ambiance.
  • Compelling Videos: We'll create high-quality videos showcasing your property's unique features and amenities, perfect for marketing on various web and social media platforms.

Recent Listings




"In terms of return on investment, Mario is worth every penny. The visual experiences he has created have significantly driven up my bookings."




"Mario came by to take pictures of our home listing for a property rental platform. I was absolutely thrilled with the results!"




"Mario did an amazing job shooting my Airbnb listing. My bookings have definitely increased based on his work."

This is our process:

I. Consult & Booking.

Our process begins with a detailed consultation to understand your specific photography needs and vision for your vacation rental. We take the time to discuss your property's unique features and requirements. Based on this understanding, we provide a personalized quote tailored to your preferences and budget, ensuring clarity and ease in planning for your photography session.

II. Photo Session.

Once you accept our quote, we embark on the planning phase, working closely with you to schedule the photo shoot at a time that best suits your needs and goals. We help you ensure your property is photo-ready, providing valuable guidance to capture its full potential. We utilize advanced equipment and artistic techniques to carefully compose each shot, capturing the essence of your vacation rental and showcasing its charm.

III. Selection & Delivery.

After the photo session, we meticulously review and select the best images that portray your vacation rental in its best light. Our professional editing process further enhances the images, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards. Within three days, we deliver the final set of high-quality images ready for use in your marketing materials and online listings. These captivating visuals will showcase your property's allure, attract potential guests, and elevate the overall rental experience, leading to increased bookings and success for your vacation rental business.

About me

Mario Silva Airbnb Photographer

I work hard to create stunning images that showcase the unique warmth, beauty & feel of your home. I'm based in Fresno & San Luis Obispo County & I travel to San Diego, Temecula, Malibu, Sonoma, Lake Tahoe & beyond.


Do you service my location?

Likely yes! We shoot homes from Sonoma to San Diego.

How many images are included?

We usually shoot about 2-3 compositions of each room along with details and vignettes.

What are the Airbnb Photo Requirements?

We provide you with files that abide by Airbnb's photo requirements of: a minimum resolution of 1024 x 683 pixels and a maximum file size of 20MB in JPG format.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Have the property clean and neat. We have a style guide that can help you get ready for your shoot.

How Quickly Will I get the images?

Typically within 3 business days. If you have a special need for a fast turnaround please let us know to see if we could accommodate that request.

Are you flexible on your pricing?

Typically we can be flexible with recurring clients or new clients that purchase in bulk. If your budget is within ballpark and you have an awesome project you want to tell us about please contact us.

drop us a line.